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Mission Statement

“To provide excellent quality, creative services to our clients, whose business we serve as if it were our own.”

You Deserve to Take Off

Your dreams, efforts and work deserve much more than just wishful thinking. If you are looking for the right partners to make it happen, and share in your passion, you have come to the right place.

Reach Out and Communicate

Your passion, your product or service, can only be successful if you manage to communicate well with your market. Mediacoop knows what it takes to do this. Whether marketing, Public Relations, audio-visuals training or team building, we won’t rest till we do it right.

It’s All About Results

It’s not what you do. It’s what you achieve with it that counts. Results mean quality ideas, effective communication, and value for money. Mediacoop is in the business of making it happen. Right out of the box,effective ideas.

Welcome to Mediacoop

Mediacoop, founded in 1997, is an employee-owned workers’ co-operative that provides highly creative services in Media, Marketing, Communications and Training. It operates non-linear digital video editing facilities, and a state of the art audio studio facility, graphic design facilities, and training rooms. Mediacoop also offers significant experience in the media. For eleven years, it managed and owned the highly successful Capital Radio 88.7FM, which was hived off in 2009.

Mediacoop offers a mix of professionals with expertise in their respective fields. Together with its studios and equipment, Mediacoop offers quality services to its clients, based on communication and effective teamwork. The co-operative operates from its offices, studios and training facilities in St. Ursula Street Valletta.

We are a co-op. This means we are not employees. We are a democratically-owned enterprise, and our living depends on what we do together. So your mind is at rest. We have a sense of belonging because its ours. We feel privileged to be of service to you, and as a team, we share your passion.

Recent Projects

What our clients say about us

Mediacoop have been providing a variety of services, including media, promotion, and training services, to UHM for the past eight years. Throughout this time, our experiences of Mediacoop’s services were excellent. I can state that Mediacoop has provided us with a very professional service, were flexible to our specific needs, timely in their delivery, and very creative in their approach.

I do not hesitate to recommend Mediacoop for any work they might wish to pursue.

Mediacoop have worked on a number of productions broadcast on Television Malta since 2006. During the time we have worked with Mediacoop, we have known them to be creative, professional, well-organised and timely in the delivery of their work. Based on this track record, I would highly recommend Mediacoop’s services to whoever would need them.

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