Course Summary

Participants will gather useful information on what happens on both sides of the interviewing table. The course will provide valuable tips on how to conduct positive interviews, command attention and handle difficult situations when they arise. The techniques proposed to enable an environment in which both interviewer and interviewee can enhance their respective roles during the interview.

Course Duration

The proposed course duration is 12 hours.

Subjects and Issues Tackled

  • Conversations with a focus
  • Advantages and limitations of interviews
  • Addressing interview stress
  • Planning the interview
    • Formal, informal, and mixed structure interviews
    • Anticipating key questions
    • Effective reference checks
    • Selection criteria
    • Ensuring the best interview conditions
    • The physical environment
    • Personal preparation
  • Starting the interview
    • Interviewing as a team
    • Meeting and greeting
  • During the interview
    • Managing the pace of the interview
    • Note taking
    • Verbal/non-verbal cues
      • Questioning techniques Ability/technical/assertiveness/teamwork/behavioural
    • Using silence/listening skills
    • Discrimination issues
  • After the interview
    • Evaluation – simple vs weighted
    • Comparing apples with oranges
  • Personal welfare
  • Practical session

Meet the Trainer

John Mallia has been involved in training since 1998, and has conducted numerous training courses, both for public as well as for private sector organisations, including CDRT, Actavis, ETC, the Dental industry, Malta Enterprise, Kopin, Vista, JCI, the Malta Judo Federation, Fenech & Fenech Advocates, the Malta Cooperative Federation, the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA), Grant Thornton, as well as courses organised by Mediacoop itself.

John Mallia specialises in the areas of motivational training for personal development and success and conducts various training and consultancy work in customer care, marketing, image management, Public Relations, teamwork, communication, co-operatives and work relationships. Mediacoop also organises and facilitates various teambuilding sessions for different organisations.

Years of Experience

20+ years

Completed Successfully

350+ Courses