Experience in the organization of events goes back to 2000, including the organisation of a number of successful events, conferences, trade fare stands and product launches.

International Conferences

Mediacoop organised different high-profile international conferences in Malta including the conference of the European Maritime Pilots Association in 2013 and the conference of the Southern European Pilots (SEP) in 2019.

Local Conferences

Mediacoop was entrusted with the organisation of a number of local conferences with the most important being the launch of Jobs+: Labour Market Policy for Union Ħaddiema Maqgħudin in 2012. During this event, the then Prime Minister of Malta, the then Leader of the Opposition and all the social partners in the MCESD signed this labour market policy that determined Malta’s Economic policy for the following years.

Event Stands

Product Launches

Mediacoop was entrusted with the launch of the book ‘Tritoni’ during the National Book Fair held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta in November 2019.