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That has been our mantra since we started back in 1997, and we constantly work to keep it that way! We are a cooperative made up of five members, most of whom are communications, marketing and management graduates and we continuously strive to deliver a top notch turn-key service from creative marketing concepts, to, script-writing, production and post-production, as well as training and team building.

We embrace the cooperative aspect and we believe that great communication and excellent teamwork are key. Mediacoop is built around motivated, creative and positive-minded people who together can create the synergy needed to produce outstanding results.

Our base in the heart of Valletta is equipped with audio-visual studios, meeting and conference rooms and recreational areas meant to give creative minds a boost.


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Which means we are not employees. We are a democratically – owned enterprise, and our living depends on what we do together. So your mind is at rest. We have a sense of belonging because its ours. We feel privileged to be of service to you and as a team, we share your passion.

A proud member of The Malta Cooperative Federation, Mediacoop’s directors believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others. Through effective teamwork, you can rest assured that the cooperative way of doing business is not just beneficial to us. It is beneficial to you too.

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Don’t just take our word for it, this is what others say about us!


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[av_testimonial_single src=’2887′ attachment=” name=’Josef Vella’ subtitle=’Secretary General’ link=’http://www.uhm.org.mt/’ linktext=’UHM’]
I can state that Mediacoop has provided us with a very professional service, were flexible to our specific needs, timely in their delivery, and very creative in their approach.
[av_testimonial_single src=’2564′ attachment=” name=’Capt. Jesmond Mifsud’ subtitle=’President’ link=’http//maritimepilots.com.mt/’ linktext=’Maritime Pilots’]
Throughout this time, we have known Mediacoop and its staff to be extremely professional, creative and resourceful.
[av_testimonial_single src=’2951′ attachment=” name=’Ray M. Cassar’ subtitle=’CEO’ link=’#’ linktext=’Koperattivi Malta’]
I am pleased to say that we have been working with Mediacoop for the past five years during which this cooperative has carried out various Public Relations and Promotional Tasks with very high standards of professionalism and technical expertise.
[av_testimonial_single src=’3166′ attachment=” name=’Reuben Zammit’ subtitle=’Programmes Manager’ link=’http://www.tvm.com.mt’ linktext=’PBS’]
Mediacoop have worked on a number of productions broadcast on Television Malta since 2006. During the time we have worked with Mediacoop, we have known them to be creative, professional, well-organised and timely in the delivery of their work. Based on this track record, I would highly recommend Mediacoop’s services to whoever would need them.