Course Summary

Participants will become aware of the art of writing memorable speeches, and delivering them. The course will stress the idea that successful speech writing and delivery require a process of planning, preparation, practice, as well as confidence. The person, the preparation, the delivery – all fall within the individual’s effort
to succeed.

Course Duration

The proposed course duration is 16 hours (4 half days)

Subjects and Issues Tackled

  • The fear of speeches
  • The speech-making process
        • Concept
        • Planning
        • Writing
        • Editing
        • Rehearsing
        • Giving the Speech
        • Feedback
      • Writing the speech – the 8 step process
        • Know the essence of good speech
        • Knowing the message
        • Research
        • Outline
        • Writing
        • Getting to the issues
        • Structure
      • Recapping

Speech writing workshop

Examples and analysis of memorable speeches

Delivering Effective Briefs

Participants will learn how to pass on information orally and in writing to a team in the most efficient and effective way in the minimum time and with the maximum effect. They will learn to plan and execute briefs according to the exigencies of their remit, and become aware of the persuasive, presentation skills needed to excel. This includes verbal and non-verbal communication, spot-on writing, as well as use of visual aids.

    • The essential elements of briefing
    • Why should we use it?
    • Types of briefing
    • Who is my audience – the psychology of audiences
    • Brief essentials
        • Establishing clear and understandable ground rules
        • Preparation
        • The briefing itself
            • The opening stage
            • Generation of ideas
            • The closing stage
    • Enhancing credibility
    • How to quickly deliver key information
    • How to Influence others
    • How to Earn respect
      • Writing the brief – why it’s worth it to write a good one – principles of good, written briefs

Communicating in style

    • Tips on making the most of the speech/brief itself
        • Body language
        • Visual aids and using statistics
        • Flexibility
        • Appearance
        • Eye contact

Meet the Trainer

John Mallia has been involved in training since 1998, and has conducted numerous training courses, both for public as well as for private sector organisations, including CDRT, Actavis, ETC, the Dental industry, Malta Enterprise, Kopin, Vista, JCI, the Malta Judo Federation, Fenech & Fenech Advocates, the Malta Cooperative Federation, the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA), Grant Thornton, as well as courses organised by Mediacoop itself.

John Mallia specialises in the areas of motivational training for personal development and success and conducts various training and consultancy work in customer care, marketing, image management, Public Relations, teamwork, communication, co-operatives and work relationships. Mediacoop also organises and facilitates various teambuilding sessions for different organisations.

Years of Experience

20+ years

Completed Successfully

350+ Courses