Course Summary

More than a collection of words and arguments, reports are essential persuasion tools that can make a difference in whether arguments are accepted or rejected. This course provides participants with essential tips for writing effective reports that do not just consider the arguments of the report writer, but also the audience for whom it is intended. The course also delves into aspects of report structure, including executive summaries, as well as visual presentations for maximum impact.

Course Duration

The proposed course duration is 8 hours.

Subjects and Issues Tackled

      • The reasons for report writing
      • The quality standards for quality reports
      • Audience analysis
      • The Writing Process
      • Planning the writing – developing intended reactions
      • Techniques for getting started
      • Developing a concern or situation
      • Defining the criteria
      • Structuring cause and effect statements
      • Drafting the report, with special reference to tone
      • How to write effective recommendations
      • Revising the writing
      • Grammar and usage
      • The report quality checklist
      • Packaging the report
      • Writing an Executive Summary that says it all to its intended audience
      • Delivering the report

Meet the Trainer

John Mallia has been involved in training since 1998, and has conducted numerous training courses, both for public as well as for private sector organisations, including CDRT, Actavis, ETC, the Dental industry, Malta Enterprise, Kopin, Vista, JCI, the Malta Judo Federation, Fenech & Fenech Advocates, the Malta Cooperative Federation, the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA), Grant Thornton, as well as courses organised by Mediacoop itself.

John Mallia specialises in the areas of motivational training for personal development and success and conducts various training and consultancy work in customer care, marketing, image management, Public Relations, teamwork, communication, co-operatives and work relationships. Mediacoop also organises and facilitates various teambuilding sessions for different organisations.

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