Course Summary

Putting customers at the centre of operations is an art which needs to be acquired. Relationships need to be forged and maintained. Above all, customer care is about an organisational attitude, and indeed, a culture based on individual attitudes. The course gives useful personal tips and ideas that will enable participants to exceed client expectations and positively surprise their customers, both internally and externally. The course aims to inspire and motivate participants to the fact that such an approach is beneficial to the individual, the organisation as well as the client.

Course Duration

The proposed course duration is 12 hours

Specific Objectives

    • Enhancing awareness of the importance of effective customer care in the organisation’s operations;
    • Making the link between excellent customer care and self-respect/self-esteem/quality of life;
    • Increasing the team’s capacity to cooperate together to provide excellent customer care;
    • Learning different techniques to deliver quality customer care to diverse clients;
    • Dealing with difficult customers.

Projected Outcomes

    • Attaining skills in different customer care techniques;
    • Internal customer care between different departments;
    • The ability of staff to deal with difficult situations;
    • Developing skills for identifying specific customer needs;
    • Maintaining an organisation-wide customer care culture at excellent levels;
  • The Essentials of Customer Care
    • Systems and people issues
    • Working on the front line
    • Is the customer really always right?
  • The Pursuit of WOW!
    • Factors contributing to customer satisfaction
    • Delighting customers
    • External/internal customers
    • Giving the initial positive response
    • Being clear, concise and accurate
  • Listening skills
    • The art of asking questions
    • Going for alternatives
    • Verbal/non-verbal cues
  • Body language for excellent customer care
    • Who’s genuine, who isn’t?
  • Turning angry customers into satisfied ones –
    • ‘Killing them with kindness’
    • Dealing with complaints
    • Stress and Customer Care
    • Making realistic promises
    • Follow-up and feedback
  • Customer service issues
    • The threat of indifference
    • The difficult customer
  • Client friendly telephone/voice mail/e-mail/letters
    • Answering and making telephone calls – what to do and what to avoid
    • Working on reception – face to face communication
    • Replying to complaint letters
    • Using e-mail

Meet the Trainer

John Mallia has been involved in training since 1998, and has conducted numerous training courses, both for public as well as for private sector organisations, including CDRT, Actavis, ETC, the Dental industry, Malta Enterprise, Kopin, Vista, JCI, the Malta Judo Federation, Fenech & Fenech Advocates, the Malta Cooperative Federation, the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA), Grant Thornton, as well as courses organised by Mediacoop itself.

John Mallia specialises in the areas of motivational training for personal development and success and conducts various training and consultancy work in customer care, marketing, image management, Public Relations, teamwork, communication, co-operatives and work relationships. Mediacoop also organises and facilitates various teambuilding sessions for different organisations.

Years of Experience

20+ years

Completed Successfully

350+ Courses