Mediacoop provides visual services through its state-of-the-art digital video equipment featuring camera work, non-linear editing and effects. Services include corporate videos, documentaries, television adverts, and web videos. Programme production includes concept, scripting, filming and editing.

Throughout the years Mediacoop produced various award-winning productions. These include Storja Tinkiteb, a history programme for Children which won the Best Children’s Programme Award in 2008; Project News, a children’s news and current affairs programme which won the Best Children’s Programme Award in 2009; and Candid, a prime-time candid camera show nominated for Best Comedy Programme Award 2009,

Other productions produced by Mediacoop were Flimkien Success, an 18-episode series on the cooperative business model, and Mill-Grilja portraying the BBQ virtues of Maltese pork. Mediacoop was also entrusted by PBS to produce two documentaries as part of the INTER-RIVES II programme, a joint initiative between COPEAM and ASBU, entitled ‘Glances of Children’. The series was broadcast by television stations across the Mediterranean basin. Mediacoop also produced a number of adverts for television, as well as CD-ROM and productions.

In 2012, Mediacoop produced the highly acclaimed series Harbourlife, and in 2014 the popular series Valletta – Ilwien ta’ Belt. Mediacoop also produced a number of promotions for Television and the internet, as well as promotional videos and documentaries for a number of clients.