Course Summary

Taking control over one’s time means taking control over one’s life. The course will discuss general misconceptions about time and the external pressures that need to be mitigated by assertive decisions. The sessions will also be imparting practical tips on how to achieve better time management and attain flow, leading to more efficient work in less time, with less stress, leaving you feeling good about yourself.

Course Duration

The proposed course duration is 8 hours.

Subjects and Issues Tackled

      •  Who is the puppet master?
      • Issues of opportunity cost
      • Making the best fit with personal goals and requirements
      • Is time wasting always a waste of time ?
      • Time and our relationships
      • Time and meaningful work
      • What are our most important time wasters?
      • Personality issues and approaches to time management – we are not all the same
      • Multitasking
      • Dead and downtime
      • What stops you from being organised?
      • Managing outside influences

Managing your time

      • Dealing with persistent offenders
      • Learning to say no and being loved for it
      • Using planners
      • Prioritising in a disruptive environment
      • Achieving concentration, focus and flow

Meet the Trainer

John Mallia has been involved in training since 1998, and has conducted numerous training courses, both for public as well as for private sector organisations, including CDRT, Actavis, ETC, the Dental industry, Malta Enterprise, Kopin, Vista, JCI, the Malta Judo Federation, Fenech & Fenech Advocates, the Malta Cooperative Federation, the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA), Grant Thornton, as well as courses organised by Mediacoop itself.

John Mallia specialises in the areas of motivational training for personal development and success and conducts various training and consultancy work in customer care, marketing, image management, Public Relations, teamwork, communication, co-operatives and work relationships. Mediacoop also organises and facilitates various teambuilding sessions for different organisations.

Years of Experience

20+ years

Completed Successfully

350+ Courses